Build Your Own Grief Counseling Success: A Beginner’s Guide

Grief Counseling-What exactly is grief counseling and why is it helpful?


You may want to know that grief counseling is a type of psychotherapy. It involves helping grieving people cope with loss in their life. This loss may be the death of a loved one, divorce, or other major life changes or tragedies. Grief itself is any reaction which may be in the form of sadness, depression, regret, anger, or yearning.


Sometimes these feelings and emotions become too much. It’s a burden to deal with alone.


The grief counselor can help to relieve some of the burden by allowing one to express themselves openly and honestly. Speaking to a listening ear during this time will be comforting and nurturing.


Sometimes the mourning will have to develop a new routine. The counselor can help them achieve this.  The counselor will suggest certain rituals to help the mourning cope.



People who are grieving may experience feelings such as loss of meaning of life. They may feel unworthy and in overwhelming despair.


If not counseled properly, grieving can result in the person having a mental illness. This is called complicated grieving. This requires thorough counseling immediately.



Methods Used in Grief Counseling



The following methods can be used when counseling the grieving:


  • Use of imagery techniques – for the grieving to have a better understanding of their emotions and reactions, the counselor will have them imagine and visualize. They will will visualize past experiences or images of their deceased loved one.

  • Open chair method – this method involves placing an open chair faced towards the grieving. Then asking them to imagine their loved one seated on the chair. This gives them a chance to speak to the bereaved person.

  • Use of a memory book – this involves helping the grieving to compile all the stories and pictures of the deceased in a book. This makes them focus and move on with their lives while still remembering their lost loved ones.

  • Writing of poetry or fiction – by encouraging the grieving to write poems and fictions the counselor can help them identify with their feelings.

  • Letting go – the counselor will assist in helping the grieving to release any negative thoughts they are having. They will help them adjust and adopt thoughts that are healthy and affirming.



The Importance of Grief Counseling


There are countless numbers of ways that grief counseling is helpful and necessary. Many of these ways are states below:


  • It empowers the grieving. It helps them to pave the way for a new future. The grieving may feel stuck and unable to move forward in their life. A counselor will push them to look to better days and build their hope for their days to come.

  • Some people may go through stages in grieving. At some point they may not believe that this could have happened to them. Counseling will help them accept the loss in reality. This is a great first step in grief counseling and will help the affected individual a lot.

  • It also helps them in adjusting and coping with life without their loved one. The grieving may not know how to continue on without their dear bereaved one.

  • Grief counseling is a major mechanism in dealing with trauma. Loss can have lasting effects. Any help that is available will help to heal any trauma induced.

  • It helps the grieving to deal with any unfinished business they may have. They may also get a chance to say goodbye.

  • Over time, counseling will help to reduce distress and depression.

  • It helps to establish a supportive relationship with the bereaved.

  • Withdrawal of emotional energy allows the grieving to invest that energy into another relationship.

  • Important in resuming normal activities among the grieving.

  • Very importantly, helps prevent cases of complicated grieving leading to mental illness. This is extremely important. Nobody deserves to suffer in pain throughout their experience with loss. Mental illness such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is very common in the grieving. More than 3 million cases of PTSD arise a year. Patients have flash backs, anxiety, and uncontrollable thoughts. Grief therapy will definitely help and medication may be prescribed as needed.

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Child Psychologist

Child Psychologist

When and Why You Should Consult a Child Psychologist


There are many reasons your child may need to seek counseling from a child psychologist.


A few of these reasons are not respecting or loving your child. Also neglecting them and not understanding their needs and concerns.


And last but not least verbally abusing them, especially in front of others.


This breeds animosity and discouragement. Just as an adult would, children can develop severe mental issues during their development.


 Symptoms of these mental issues include over aggression, stress, and depression.

  Another big symptom that will let you know when they need child counseling is anxiety.


Children with anxiety and depression should be treated as early on as possible.


This will help them in the future to sort out their problems safely.


Your children should not have to suffer anymore, therefore consult with your local child psychologist such as in Brisbane.


In order to be seen by a child psychologist there are numerous tests that need to be done at first.

These tests will require that the psychologist examine the behavior of your child.


They will see if your child tests positive for the symptoms mentioned below:



School related issues identified with instructors, different understudies, or failing in school.


Overcompensating with relatives, kin, or with companions.


An obsessive compulsive disorder or special craving about something.


Being excessively delicate or having impossible reasons for alarm.


Inability to concentrate and focus on anything.


Issues resulting from social activity and problems in groups.


Unnatural fixation or hyperactivity, unable to settle down.


A child psychologist will not only help your child in beating their issues, but it will help them develop their own personal identity.


Once the child takes their examinations, the clinician will make an arrangement for them.


This may be tension management, anger management, and seminars.


Also, various therapies and courses to help them.

These meetings will help the child respond more appropriately to any situation and also to control their anger, stress, and depression.


So with all of these proven techniques, your psychologist will do their best to get your child back on the right track.


Although, the child also needs support from their family members or parents.


Sometimes they even need cooperation from teachers and peers.


As mentioned before, your child may indeed go through tests.


These tests will get to the root cause of the problem.


Many times tests show that children may need their parents more than the psychologists themselves.


Parents play an important role in their child’s behavior. Children tend to mimic their parents.


They also sense when a parent is upset with them or they feel like they have done something wrong.


You should reprimand your child when necessary. But, there are times when it can be taken too far.


Your child psychologist can help you learn how to deal with your child.


They will give you clear instructions so you can better help your child.



Here are some pointers when considering a child counselor for your special one:



Always let them know you love and care for them. Show them attention.


Show them nurturance.


Give them a sufficient amount of your time.


Do not neglect them.


Try to see where they are coming from.


Engage in their fantasies and games.


Give them energy and be somewhat spontaneous.


  There’s also another important pointer.


Do not chasten them before others.


This lowers their confidence and loses their trust.


In today’s day and age you have many options when it comes to finding your child counselor.


Seeking an experienced and qualified professional is important.


They should have the right credentials and have worked with children who share your child’s symptoms.


It is recommended that you run a background check and make sure they are qualified.


You want to make sure you get the best help when it comes to your special one.


There are many routes of research such as the internet.


You can also look through the yellow pages.


Although, surfing the web may be your best option because you will be able to find reviews.


Also, the internet will let you know how far the therapist is from your home and the rate per therapy session.

Gay Counselling




A Clear And Precise Look At Gay Counselling

Gay Counselling is a form of therapy for gay clients


The main reason for this form of therapy is to encourage clients to accept their sexual orientation.


It however does not try to change their sexual orientation.


Clients have to affirm their gay identity and at the same time embrace it.


It is worth noting that homosexuality is not a mental illness and should not be treated as such.



Cass’ Homosexual Identity Development Model (Stages of Coming Out).  

The Model indicates that there are 6 stages of Coming Out.



1. Identity Confusion



2. Identity Comparison



3. Identity Tolerance



4. Identity Acceptance



5. Identity Pride



6. Identity Synthesis







-Gay counselling focuses more on assisting clients so that they can be able to recover from the stigma of homosexuality.



– Gays receive a lot of discrimination and therefore require a lot of assistance to help them recover.



– Gay counselors try to learn about the discrimination gays face by consulting the APA.



– Most counselors try to remain neutral by not promoting or rejecting celibacy.




This aims to try and make the clients comfortable.

– It is of great importance for all clients to try and clearly check the medical background of some of the gay counselors to ensure they get the best services.



– Basically, a good counselor with many positive reviews is more likely to assist a patient in comparison to one who has many negative reviews.







– Gay counselling after conclusive research aims to try and assist clients to try and feel comfortable with both their gender and sexual orientation.



– Research shows that most conflicts arising in most gay relationships are related to self, family and in some cases religion.

– Extensive research by clinicians shows that gay men together with their families struggle a lot in their communities due to constant discrimination.



– How do gay counselors deal with such issues? They address these problems by acting as mediators.



– This strategy of mediation aims to increase both communication among family members and self-awareness.






– Helps patients to try and recover from daily problems they go through.



– Tries to provide long term solutions to patients.



– Tries to motivate clients and raise their self-esteem .



– Allows patients to air out their problems without feeling uncomfortable. This tries to make them understand that their sexual problems can be dealt with.



– Gay counselling tries to increase self-awareness to both the patients and the family.



– For many, gay counselling has been very beneficial and has really helped them face all their problems without fear.






For many couples, seeking this type of counseling is a good way to solve most of the problems they face.



In most cases, discrimination is the most common vice gay couples have to deal with.

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Children Counseling

Children Counseling

Children Counseling


Children counseling involves professional help, advice and support that is given to children and young people to help them deal with personal and emotional problems.


There is a huge misconception in our society that that counseling is for crazy people.


Truth is although counseling is not needed to cope with every other issue; sometimes it may be essential to seek counseling to enable your child deal with some difficulties.


Children and young people need counseling to cope with many challenges especially where they do not have a strong support system.


Many schools have in house counselors to help children deal with such difficulties.


However, this may not be enough and one may be forced to seek counseling or therapy to help their children cope and face their everyday lives.


Question #1- When do children need counseling?


Children may find it very hard to cope with a lot of issues some in and others outside the family spectrum.


While others may have a strong support system, others may need counseling to adjust to family and step family relations and to deal with issues like loss of a loved one, bullying, school problems, emotional and behavioral problems.


Question#2- When to seek counseling


There are many telltale signs that your child or ward needs professional help. When they are abusing drugs, alcohol food or when you realize a change in their behavior or temperaments, it may be that they are dealing with some problem they are finding difficult to deal with.


It is important to pay attention and not ignore any changes that a child develops.



Question#3- How does counseling help children?


When a child is having any of the above issues, they may start blaming themselves and they end up developing low esteem issues and a sense of hopelessness.


Seeking a counselor for your child will help them develop a positive attitude towards life and regain their confidence and self-worth. Counseling will also help a child to recognize their strengths and express themselves.


Question#4 -How to find the best or the right counselor for your child


Getting the best counselor to help your child is as important as the counseling itself.


It is recommended that you check to see whether your counselor has the right training and whether or not he or she has enough experience to handle a particular case. This is because different problems and developmental competencies may require alternative approaches regardless age.



It is also important to verify their competencies are to check if they belong to a relevant professional organization and to also ask to for referrals.


Child Psychologist

What Kind of Child Counseling Services Works Best for Your Child?

Child Counseling Services


Do you know if your child needs counseling? Child counseling refers to encouraging them and shining a light on their capabilities.


Also showing them their strengths through various therapy techniques.


It is very important that kids get counseled in order to rectify some of the awkward behaviors they may develop in their early life.


The child will learn discipline. They will also learn how to give and receive respect. It is recommended that all children receive some type of counseling at the right age.



These are a few factors to consider before counseling your child:

-The therapist that will counsel your child
-The reasons your child needs counseling
-The expected outcomes
-The age to counsel your child


If you take these factors into consideration it will be easy for you. Find the right therapist and have clear expectations.


Waste no time because your child needs you now more then ever. Next, ask yourself these questions.



Why should you counsel your child?


You should counsel your child. The main reason being there are behaviors your child shows that don’t fit in with society. Child counseling services will prepare your children to perform better in school.


It will help them perform better under emotional stress. Child counseling services may also change the child’s attitude by reducing problems with authority or anybody else they interact with.


Another reason for child counseling is to help them recover from a trauma. This may have been sexual or physical abuse. They will be able to re-stabilize after a psychiatric crisis.


All positive behaviors will increase. Their social skills will be strengthened and self-esteem will rise. As a result, your child will do better as an adult and be able to function in the real world.



When should you counsel your child?



There is no specific time to counsel your child. Although, your child counseling services start as early at 2 years old.


When you start to see uncommon behaviors this is a time to consider child counseling services. Your child may be underperforming and this may be due to peer pressure from friends.


Drug and alcohol abuse may also be indications that child counseling services may be necessary. Anything from rape to loss of parents are cases where counseling is recommended.


Once they are counseled they will find that they fit better into society. They can socialize and live a happier life.


Again, remember there is no age specific to child counseling services but the earlier you recognize bad behaviors the better.



Who should counsel your child?



Finding a professional therapist that you trust is highly recommended. Your child’s future is at stake. You need someone who is not only qualified but experienced.


Give the therapist a full evaluation and consider meeting some of their patients. This way you can find out how much they have progressed.


If there have been improvements, then it is safe to say you should use that therapist. If not, do more research and consider all the questions necessary. You want your child to grow up with a clear conscience and have great morals.


Don’t let them suffer one more day. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, give a therapist a call. Also, don’t settle for just any therapist. Your child is special and needs special attention.


Find the right one who can correct their path ahead of time. These should have all the right credentials and have done many child counseling cases in their counseling history.


Call your local child counseling services agency today. They can guide you to a solution.


Mental Health Counselor

Top 5 Live Counseling Tips for You


Live Counseling is the Best Form of Counseling:


Live counseling an excellent treatment for emotion and mental health concerns.


To be able to reap the full benefits from counseling, you need to choose the right counselor, one that is skilled and will make you feel comfortable.


The counselor should be able to offer you the best service to resolve your problem.


An experienced counselor is better able to understand your concerns and can offer you solace and mental peace.


How Can Live Counseling Help You?


There are many ways in which counseling will be able to assist you. First of all, it will make you feel better after sharing your problems with an experienced counselor.


It can and will, with the proper sessions, heal your mind and reduce your stress.


Live Counseling will be more effective and helpful once you find a good and caring listener who will understand you and will offer the required service in a friendly manner.


The counselor will be able to provide adequate advice that will suit your needs and will have a positive impact in your life.


When is the right time to decide whether or not we should seek help from a counselor?


We need a counselor when we lack any other emotional support from our friends and family members and we are finding it difficult to manage the emotions and stress on our own.


Hence the reason why you should choose a service that is cordial, caring and friendly.


Anyone who is suffering from stress and emotional turmoil should consider seeking the help counseling.


Your counselor is not required to have a certificate to be able to provide this type of counseling.


You can seek the help of a counselor if you are suffering career failures, marriage issues, child related issues, old age problems and any other issue that might be causing you to feel frustrated, worried and/or helpless.


You will be able to see the benefits and progress of live counseling if you choose the appropriate counselor.


How to find the right counselor?


You will have to do thorough research in order to be able to find a well-qualified therapist that will be able to asses and treat your mental health.


An experienced, friendly and trustworthy are a few of the top qualities that your counselor needs to possess.


If you are comfortable, seek advice and recommendations from your friends or people with similar needs to get obtain the right therapist for you.


The following are few factors that should focus while looking for a counselor.


• Experience


This is extremely important.  An experienced counselor will be more capable at understanding your problems and will be able to treat them in a better way.


He will be able to recommend best course of action.


Different counselor focus on different areas of practice.


It is wise that you understand the needs that you have and then choose a counselor based on those specific needs.


If you are worried about your marital life and are having issues, then you should seek a marriage counselor.


If you are having problems or doubts in your career then you should look for a career counselor.


• Inform yourself about the different treatment types and options available to you.


There is a wide and diverse variety of mental disorders which makes getting the right treatment crucial.


Learn a bit about all the types available to your needs and decide which type of treatment will be best for your needs and comfort.


• Easy Accessibility


Whatever option you choose, choose one that is easily accessible. You should have the ability of being able to contact your counselor anytime that you need.


Having your counselor available to you will help you work through situations that may be out your reach.


• Types of Therapy


There are different types of therapy, each focused on specific needs.


For instance, individual therapy is focused on solely you.


It is aimed at treating mental and emotional disorders that have risen due to prior personal experiences.


Group therapy is often when a number of individuals suffer through the same struggle.


It is aimed at giving emotional support to those that may otherwise not have it.


Family therapy is, as its name suggests, is focused on family issues.


Couples therapy is mainly focused on personal relationships, as well as marriage counseling.


As mentioned above, live counseling can be applied to any kind of mental disorder. If you, a relative or a friend, is going through emotion and mental turmoil and are looking for medical help, it is recommended to first seek the help of a counselor.


Medication cannot resolve your problem completely and it has many negative side effects that may aggravate your condition. Go to a counselor to obtain treatment and therefore the solution to your problem and get some peace of mind.

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Live - Counseling


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Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling
Photo Credit: B. Huisken

Admitting that you and your partner need couples counseling is never easy.


Many couples can not believe that they can’t get along with their partner.


Especially after their relationship has been great for so long. You need to know that you’re not alone.

It is not embarrassing to seek counseling.


It’s there to help. With that said, going to therapy will be the best option. It can get your relationship back to where it used to be. Possibly, make it even better.


It can be your solution.  It’s good to have positive thoughts.


You want things to turn around for the better, seek out a counselor. There are so many couples counseling therapists in the Atlanta area.


The sooner you find one that’s right for you, the better your relationship will be.


You can count on your therapists to keep all your private information safe.



They will always work with you.



They will get your relationship working again so you can live prosperous life as a couple.



By saying that you need therapy you have just started to take the first step in fixing the relationship.



Everything will come with time.


It won’t be easy at first.


Gradually, you will see improvements.


The end goal for couples counseling is for the relationship to be fixed.


It will come easier eventually.


All you need to do is focus on finding the right therapist.


To do so keep some things in mind.


Qualifications Vs. Experience


It’s important to pick a couples counseling therapist who meets all the authorizations and marriage counseling credentials.


It’s also important to pick someone who has experience.


Somebody who has special experience dealing with couples is better.


As you look for your Atlanta couples counseling therapist you will need to consider the therapist reviews.


If they have good reviews and have helped many couples counseling client’s then you should choose them.


Another idea is to test them.


Recommend another couple to visit the therapist and if they have good results then you know you will too.


Don’t feel pressured to settle at one therapists.


You can give them a try and they might not be right for you.


Keep searching until you reach an agreeable therapist.


The right one will come. They will lead you through your hard times.


They will strengthen your relationship so you can move on.


Search for a Friendly Therapist


It’s possible that you, your partner, and your therapist may not get along.


Some people just have different opinions.


This is important because you need someone who will have your best interest in mind.


When you search for your couples counseling therapist in Atlanta know that you should get along with them.


Try to see where they are coming from.


See if they are the therapist for you and will best guide you.


It may come as a shock but there are so many couples counseling strategies.


Just as many as there are different types of couples. This is true!


Another thing to keep in mind is to let your partner also have a say.


What your partner feels and thinks matters. Whether it good or bad, you should be willing to listen.


No couple has it all figured out.


Nobody’s perfect.


Although, with a little help from an impartial couples counseling therapist you can achieve great things.


Your partner hopefully wants the best for you and your relationship.


So find a therapist who will put the both of you on equal ground.


They will need to see both sides of the issue to better help you. Make sure the one you choose takes all your needs into consideration.


They should lift you up.


They should life up your relationship to knew heights so you can overcome all your obstacles.


Just as no couple is the same, no therapist is the same.


Finding your best fit is critical. Don’t take it personally if one therapist doesn’t work out.


There are thousands in Atlanta.


You just need to do the right searching, but remember all the advice toward finding your best couples counseling therapist.

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